Community Season 4 Episode 9 – Review


A musical puppet episode. The first 5 minutes were pretty good, but after that I turned it off. It was bullshit. This is the first time that I couldn’t sit through an episode of this show. I really liked the puppets themselves and the puppetry was incredible, but the singing was so annoying. I’m sure this was an okay episode but everything about it annoyed me. They used to gimmick of the puppets to cover up how weak the writing is this season. Like most of the episodes this season they are hiding behind a silly concepts and trying to pass this off as community. I’ve liked most of the episodes this season, but I have to draw the line somewhere. I skipped through this episode to the end and they had a bunch of behind the scene footage at the end. That was weird don’t do that. Community was once my favorite show now I can barely bang out 200 words about it. Hopefully I’ll be watchable.

If you want to see an actually entertaining puppet music video I would recommend MC Frontalots “Stoop Sale”. It’s what this episode wanted to be.


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