Impossible Gaming – Mega Man 3

  Tristan tries his unpracticed hand at Mega Man 3 while Chadley mocks from the sideline. The two guys strike up conversation about Protoman, Tristan’s inability to use problem-solving tools, rude assumptions and more.   WHAT’S AN IMPOSSIBLE GAME? COMMENT BELOW!


Chadley Plays Shenmue II

  Chadley plays some Shenmue II on the Xbox whilst discussing duplicate AI, unwarranted murder and Chadley’s sense of direction     I WANT YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS COMMENT BELOW


Demolition – Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z

  Chadley and Tristan return from a short hiatus of making videos to tackle the demo to the new game Dragonball Z Battle of Z. The two gents strike up conversation regarding brutal batterings, the doom of Krillin and potato soup!   Is there a demo you think we should play? Comment below!  


Buck Vs Hardner Episode 2 – Hearthstone


Indie Game Haven – Clock 24-7

So I don’t know who decided that this could be a game, but whatever. In this episode of Indie Game Haven, Chadley and Tristan rev up Clock 24-7 and attempt to actually play it. All the while they discuss alarm clocks, permanently dirty clocks and the meaning of life.   WHAT’S A WEIRD INDIE GAME! […]


Demolition – Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2

  Chadley and Tristan pop on the Lords of Shadow 2 demo for Xbox 360 in the new demo-testing show “demolition” and talk about Vampire’s Kiss, angels and silly respawning.     Any Demo Recommendations?  Comment Below!


Ernest Plays Sneak King

  Ernest P. Worrel and Vern pop in the Burger King promotional game “Sneak King” on Xbox 360 and attempt to play it through. They talk about thinking outside the bun, portable bathrooms and the concept of falling asleep at work     Recommend a game for Ernest to play! COMMENT BELOW!


Buck vs Hardner – Diablo 3 PvP

Buck’s Witch Doctor gets absolutely destroyed by Hardners Monk

Top 10

Top 10 Sidekicks In Gaming

Top 10 Sidekicks In Gaming

Video game heroes often receive a lot of recognition for their valiant deeds, but what about their less recognized counter-parts? What did they do to get snubbed? So here I am, paying homage to the gallant sidekicks who risk their lives for very little payoff. Here’s to you fellas. DISCLAIMER: I can’t wait to read […]


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